Young Engineers

    • Young Engineers believes in the future of engineering, science and the way those news will change the world for the better.
    • Our focus is on early intervention in order to create the passionate and highly skilled next generation of engineers and scientists. Young Engineers initiative has always been to establish an original and unmatched approach for engaging young people and getting them to enjoy learning and wanting to create.
    • Education + Entertainment
    • Make learning fun
    • Hands on activity
    • Our students work with LEGO parts and other games assembly kits exclusively designed by our research team for our programs to build models and robots. Learning becomes fun and accessible to our students of all ages.
    • Better problem solvers
    • Increase confidence & independence
    • Learn through play
    • Score higher grades in school

    We will provide

    • LEGO bricks
    • Building kits
    • Motors
    • Batteries
    • Instruction Manuals
    • Tablets/Software (if applicable)
    • Kids will

    • Come to the class
    • Have Fun & Learn
301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently